Marketing, Referrals, Endorsements

Thumbs Up makes it easy for your customers to show off their new ride. Customized content, fun videos, pictures - we can even add a customer's face to the animations. A wide range of themes for a wide range of folks. It's time to say goodbye to the old ways of social media marketing.

We like Easy

Easy-to-use interface for easy-to-send posts. We wanted to keep the typing and the clicking to a minimum so much, that we made it so you don't even have to type or click at all... But if you still want to, we got your back.

We like Integration

Thumbs Up integrates with your CRM to give you access to images of all the cars in your lot. Because the first step to showing off your customers car is a picture of it, right?

Automate, Automate, Automate

CRM/DMS Integration

Post Creation

Thumbs Up supports most major CRM and DMS systems. After a sale, posts are automatically generated using images and info from your database and sent directly to your customer.

Referral Requests

Post Tracking

Thumbs Up monitors post activity and sends automated referral requests to customers whose posts are buzzing. You control the activity targets and we will take care of the rest.

generate more leads and referrals

The average referral rate is only 2.3%

The world's first automated referral system

Never ask for referrals again. Thumbs Up's sophisticated engagement tracking system finds referral hotspots and reaches out automatically to your client's. All they have to do is share the link to all of your potential new customers and you track everything along the way.

Control Your Metrics

Thumbs Up allows you complete control on what types of engagement trigger automated referrals.

Use the Numbers

Track comments, likes, shares, and clicks to easily find the buzz about your product or service.

Stop Asking

Thumbs Up will ask for referrals for you - and make it easy for your clients to follow through.

Watch the Referrals Roll in

You deserve more business, and Thumbs Up is here to make sure you get it.

thumbs up automatically asks your client for referrals

Endorsements are everything

95% of consumers are influenced by reviews and endorsements when making purchasing decisions

Customers are your Influencers

Every time your customers post a Thumbs Up, they are celebrating their new ride. Each post is an endorsement, review, and recommendation shared to their friends, family, and trusted connections. Reviews mean a lot more when they come from someone you know.

Let Your Clients Do The Talking

This isn't affiliate marketing, this isn't a review, and this isn't an ad. These are real endorsements from real people.

Create Meaningful Content

Whether you are selling homes, baking cakes, or cutting hair, you can benefit from more visibility on social media. 

Reach new audiences 

By helping your clients post for you, you are giving all of their friends and family a front row seat to your work. 

Maintain your presence

Thumbs Up simultaneously posts on your Business Facebook page, allowing you to showcase all of your endorsements.