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Why Don’t Customers Leave Reviews?

There is nothing more frustrating for a business owner trying to grow and expand organically than customers who do not leave reviews. Sure, some do love to leave positive feedback for all to see regarding their experience with the service or product.

There are several reasons why customers do not leave reviews, and sometimes it requires some inner reflection on your part. Let’s take a look at the most common explanations as to why your customers don’t leave recommendations.

What Keeps Customers from Leaving Reviews?

1. Your Stuff Just Isn’t That Great

This first one hurts, but it could be true! 

If your business doesn’t provide memorable service or an exceptional product, your customers won’t be inclined to support you with a positive comment. In fact, it could prompt them to leave negative feedback if they do decide to leave one.

Poor reviews are like kryptonite for any business, so you want to steer clear of these to the best of your ability. The best way to do so is to make sure you go above and beyond for the customer, and your product is something you are proud to stand behind. 

2. You Don’t Engage with Reviewers

Believe it or not, customers want to see how you handle good and bad customer reviews. 

For the good ones, they want to see that you appreciate the kind comments and take the time to illustrate that on the public platform. After all, each review is a symbol of the time a person took out of their day to support your business.

On the other hand, how you handle negative reviews may be even more crucial compared to positive ones. 

We’ve seen many companies ignore the bad and only focus on the good, which can indicate that they have no intention of “fixing the problem.” Would you want to associate with a business that gives you that impression? We think not; that’s why proper engagement is so important. 

3. You Don’t Ask, or It’s Not Obvious How

This is where Thumbs Up comes in! 

You won’t get the feedback you want if there is no obvious way for the person to leave it or if you don’t ask. You can address both issues with Thumbs Up, a platform that allows you to craft a review with photos on behalf of the customer for approval. 

They can then choose to accept or edit it and post it on their social media in one click. 

4. There aren’t Many Customer Reviews

This next point is tough to address because some customers hesitate to leave reviews if you don’t already have many. But how can you get more reviews if this is the case? 

Luckily, this isn’t the case for every customer, so don’t stop trying to secure new ones, which brings us to our last point. 

5. What Do They Get Out of It?

A great way to get those priceless reviews is by offering something to the customer. 

Gift cards, discounts, or a rewards system act as excellent incentives for customers to leave raving reviews. This area is where you can get creative. One of our favorites is each review is an entry for a monthly giveaway. 

You’d be surprised by the influx of reviews with just a little incentive!


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