February 23


Social Media Recommendations are the New Referral

Gone are the days when people relied solely on print ads or even word-of-mouth recommendations. 

Nowadays, nothing gets results faster than social media. In many cities around the world, people are often caught glued to their phones, whether it’s during the morning commute or even between workdays. You can take advantage of the endless scrolling and information absorption to forward your business. 

Why Social Media Recommendations are Important

 Think about it. Before you decide to give your money to a business, you’ll definitely want to take a deep dive into their reputation. 

        Why give your money to a, let’s say, 3-star business when you can get excellent service from a 5-star establishment? The way to really gain an understanding of a business’s products and services before spending a dime of your own money is through social media recommendations. 

Do They Work?

Trust us when we say most customers read a good chunk of reviews online before deciding to give you their business, which is why authentic referrals from past customers are so valuable – they really work!

The star rating is something that potential customers look for at first glance. Even before they read the reviews, they want to make sure you have at least a 4-star rating. 

This type of rating gets the point across quickly, and it appears everywhere. A quick Google search of your business will yield your ratings across all social media sites, so make sure it stays above 4 stars!

Of course, once potential clients get a whiff of fake reviews, your entire reputation goes down the drain. The general population will want to make sure the review is coming from a genuine person (a real account) rather than one with no history prior to the day of leaving the review. So making sure each one is a sincere opinion of your business is another crucial point. 

Now we know they work, but asking customers to leave a good review can leave a bad taste, so how can you do it in an easy and non-invasive way?

Enter Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up is a platform that removes all the difficulty and uncomfortable feelings of requesting a good review. 

After creating an account, all business owners need to do is create a review post from the clients’ point of view with photos to send off to the client for approval. 

This action greatly decreases the work for your customers. They just have to read the review, input edits or approve it directly, and hit “Post to Facebook,” and there you have it. Your post will become an authentic view of your business endorsed by the client as it appears as their own post on their social media.

We make it easy for you to get the good recommendations we’re sure you deserve without hassling the customer. They then get to leave a positive review of their wonderful experience without having to put in a lot of extra time. 

There are no losers in a win-win situation such as this – just happy clients!


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