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*Billed Monthly


Best for Solopreneurs

  • One (1) User
  • Each Thumbs Up Post shared to Customer's Facebook Page AND Your Business Facebook Page
  • Up to 10 Thumbs Up posts/month
  • Up to Six (6) images per post
  • Customizable Library of Quotes for a quick and easy post 
  • Personalized Landing Page for each Thumbs Up post
  • Real-time reporting of Clicks, Likes, Shares, and Comments




*Billed Monthly


best for small Businesses

Everything in Solo AND

  • Up to Five (5) Users
  • Unlimited Thumbs Up posts
  • Add Videos to posts
  • Custom Profile Page for each user



*Billed Monthly


Best for Sales Teams

Everything in Plus AND

  • Up to Twenty (20) Users
  • Advanced reporting for sales teams
  • Personal Customer Success Manager
  • Custom account setup and training

Which plan is right for you?

Thumbs Up solo

You've got a small business or maybe even an empire, but there's still only one of you. You need a referral system that puts the emphasis on what you do... The Thumbs Up Solo plan is perfect for the freelancer or sole-proprietor. Simply upgrade as you grow.

Thumbs Up Plus

With the ability to add up to 5 users, add videos, and make unlimited posts, Thumbs Up Plus offers a referral system for a team. Got Technicians in the field? Sales team on the go? Each User has their own Profile Page to help personalize referrals. Thumbs Up Plus is perfect for a business with roots. Showcase your business and your squad doing what they do best.

Thumbs Up Ultimate

You've got salespeople, but they're more than people that sell... they're unique individuals with goals and strategies that best serve their clients. The Thumbs Up Ultimate Referral System offers something different - individual profiles for each user, personalized account setup, and advanced reporting features for up to 20 users. With Thumbs Up Ultimate, your team can showcase the business and themselves, while everyone gets the inside scoop on all the referrals they're generating. They make the posts, your business gets the data. Not a bad way to track referrals, eh?

More than 20 team members? 

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