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Meet the ultimate referral tool

Introducing Thumbs Up - A new way to get MORE REFERRALS using social media

referrals are the best leads...but are you getting the referrals you deserve?

Everyone would love an endless supply of referrals from their clients. Having a consistent stream of referrals is the lifeline of any successful business. 

But how do you get all these referrals?

How do you ask your clients to refer business to you WITHOUT making it uncomfortable?

How do you ask for referrals WITHOUT seeming like a pushy salesperson?

There are certainly some business owners who get lots of referrals, but they've often spent 20 years (or more!) in business and have a massive client list, therefore allowing them to slowly build a referral stream. 

What if you are like most of us?

You do a great job for your clients, but those positive experiences just aren't resulting in the referrals and new sales your business needs.

You do a great job but that typically doesn't generate referrals

Of course you would love for your happy clients to refer new business to you.
And your clients want to help you. 

In fact studies show that 83% of consumers are willing to refer after a positive experience, yet only 29% actually do. In reality, that referral number is often much lower, often it's less than 10% actually refer business to you. 

So why are you not getting the referrals you deserve? What is wrong with the traditional way we are taught to ask for referrals?

asking for referrals is uncomfortable

Does this sound familiar?

Your client is thrilled with the job you did for them. 

They tell you how much they appreciate the experience they've had with you.

You know that they would be willing to refer someone to you...but HOW do you ask them to give you a referral?

You want to ask in a way that seems natural, that’s NOT uncomfortable and does NOT seem like you’re badgering them to become a salesperson for you.

We are taught to always ask for the referral. But it feels uncomfortable, and you risk ruining an amazing positive client experience.

asking for referrals rarely works

Here's an all too common story.

You spend a lot of time and effort helping your new client. They purchase a product or service from you. You help make the entire process smooth and painless.

Your client is thrilled! 

They love what you did and they would definitely refer their friends to you.

Now what do you do?

You ask them, "If you know anyone who might be interested in..." Or "Would you mind telling your friends and family about me?"

Does that work? Rarely.

More often than not, you get a response like this:

"Well, let me think about it..."


"Sure, if somebody comes to mind I'll let you know..."

You should let your clients enjoy and celebrate instead of trying to sell them all over again.

So what can you do to get a referral??

You could send them cards - you could call them on their birthday - you could send them little gifts from time to time, and you would be just like everybody else.

You tell yourself "At least that's something".

But let's face it - that's NOT exactly a top notch referral system that generates consistent leads and allows you to track and measure results. 

Are you getting any referrals from your social media connections?

What if there were an easy, natural, comfortable process to provide your clients a way to refer you. Something that's easy for them to do.

What if you could leverage the power of social media so your clients could easily refer you to all of their connections... and it doesn't seem like it's some sort of pushy after sale ask?

Consider these facts from some recent studies:

83% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.

71% of people are more likely to purchase when referred by social media.

These statistics are not surprising. Most businesses know that people are likely to buy from someone they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

Social Media is a great platform to get your name in front of lots of people. 


Posting on Social Media takes time and effort - And most clients simply wont' bother, even if they had a great experience with you.

It's Time to solve The Referral Problem

Introducing Thumbs Up

Creating a social media post takes time and energy. Thumbs Up makes it simple for you AND your clients. You create a post for your client to post directly on their social media page. Your client endorses you and your business while showing off their purchase or experience to all of their friends and family.

how thumbs up works...

get social media referrals in 3 clicks

you create a post using the thumbs up app 

Upload videos and images of your great work, happy customer, or both. Add a quote. Send to your client. It's that simple. And it takes less than 5 minutes.

Your client Posts on their facebook feed

In 3 clicks, your client can review their post and post it on their social media page, instantly endorsing you and your business to their friends and family.

all of their friends become your potential referrals

All of their Facebook friends now see their happy experience and their endorsement of you. And their Facebook friends instantly become potential referrals.

what if every client posted for you on their facebook feed

What if, after a great sales experience, you could simply ask your clients:

"Would you mind giving me a Thumbs Up?" 

You create a post for them using the Thumbs Up App.

You email or text it to them.

And in three clicks your clients have now posted beautiful images and/or videos that celebrate a job well done.

Your client has posted an endorsement of their great experience with you on their Facebook feed, and that post is shared with all their friends and family, giving them a front row seat to you and your business.

That's the power of Thumbs Up

Your clients have always wanted to help you. Now they can, with almost no time and effort involved!

start getting the referrals you deserve

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