February 23


Do Third-Party Reviews Drive Leads?

It can be tough for entrepreneurs or long-term business owners to focus on driving leads when there are so many other aspects of the business to run.

Many smart minds saw a solution to the problem with third-party sites that can help drive leads and improve your company’s reputation. Reviews left on sites other than your own can spread the word about your services, but do they work? Let’s find out!

Do Third-Party Reviews Work to Increase Leads?

The short answer is – yes, they do. 

Not only can they add to the value of your business, but having more reviews on third-party sites can increase leads prospects. If the reviews on all sites say one thing, which is that you have an upstanding business, then it adds to the legitimacy of each review.

Most customers glance at the star rating before diving into the details, so make sure you always remain above 4 stars.

Benefits of Third-Party Reviews

1. More Exposure, More Leads

Search engine results are what really get eyes on your product or service. 

Famous third-party review sites include Google Reviews, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

The more third-party review sites you’re on, the more likely your business will come up during a quick Google search. This increases the exposure you get along with more leads prospects.

The reviews people leave on various sites will influence search engine algorithms to view your website as constantly updated with new information, which helps you rank higher during searches. 

2. Improves Review Score

If you cut out third-party review sites altogether, then potential leads can only rely on what’s portrayed on your website. 

If you’re flooded with negative reviews, the impact on your business will be catastrophic. However, having positive reviews on various sites will dilute negative impressions.

3. A More Trusted Impression

This is not to say that your first-party reviews, which are the reviews generated directly on your site or social media, are not trustworthy, but removing your company from the equation eliminates all perceived bias. 

Customers automatically think third-party reviews offer more reliable opinions as the company itself cannot regulate what’s posted. Both the positive and negative comments posted on these third-party sites hold more weight, so do your best to make sure most of them are positive! 

Make Things Easy with Thumbs Up

There is a way you can have some control over what reviews are posted on social media sites. 

The secret lies within Thumbs Up, a platform that allows business owners to craft posts complete with pictures for the client to review. Then, if they are satisfied, clients can simply hit the “post to Facebook” button, and your post becomes theirs on the social media platform. 

Having positive reviews on third-party sites and social media creates an extra avenue for exposure, lead generation, and conversion. 


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