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Personalized Videos

Custom Content

Fully Automated

Your Business social media pages:

So many posts.

So little views.

With Thumbs Up, Your Customers Post For You.

Thumbs Up allows you to leverage the power of organic social media marketing. Turn all of your customers into social media influencers by creating engaging content for them to easily post on their page.

Generate More Leads

Get More Referrals

Sell More Cars

Thumbs Up is Simple to Use...

step 1

Search for your customer

step 2

Add photos

step 3

Select a theme

step 4

Send to your customer

Simple to use... But you don't even have to use it.

Introducing Customized CRM/DMS integration powers Post automation.

The Problem

You're not getting enough leads and referrals - plain and simple. Customers aren't posting about you, they are rarely leaving reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals are seldom closing. Thumbs Up is going to change that.

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The Data

The value of social media marketing is high, but the value of influencer marketing is higher.


Consumers rely on social media connections to make purchasing decisions.


Social media users rely on recommendations from influencers.


Trust recommendations from other people over brand content.

Customers are Your best influencers

Campaigns from social media influencers with less than 5,000 followers are 6.7x more effective than influencers with larger followings. Chances are, your customers fall right in that category.

Let's Do Some math

 Your dealership sells 200 cars a month

• 50% of your customers post - 100 Posts per month

• Facebook users have an average of 350 friends

•100 customers x 350 connections = 35,000 endorsements to potential new clients

What does the math mean?







content your customers will love

Turn all of your customers into social media influencers.

  • Increase Referrals
  • Improve Content
  • Generate Leads

But Thumbs Up is more than just a content creator...

  • Simple Interface
    Posts are created automatically
  • Lead and Referral Tracking
    Easy to follow metrics that tell you who is interested
  • Your Thumbs Up Profile
    Future clients can see all of your endorsements on one feed
  • works with your business facebook page
    Every Thumbs Up post is automatically posted on your Facebook Page

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